Portraits & Conversation With Chanile Vines


    Ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day? I sure do. This is why I wanted to chat with Chanile Vines. She is a multi-career woman who can squeeze productivity out of 24 hours like no other. No seriously, I follow her on Instagram and she once invited friends to join her ‘4 am club’ to encourage her friends get things done. While the only reason I wake up that early is to feed my son, I do enjoy the entertainment. 

    Chanile is a Dementia care researcher who created the ‘It Takes a Village App’ (iTav App) to provide resources to Dementia caregivers. She is also a wine marketer and founded the Vinesplay wine club. As someone who constantly has a million tabs open in my head and on my laptop, I wanted to pick her brain to learn more about focus and execution while doing multiple projects in different fields. What I got was an inspiring origin story describing how Vinesplay came to be and so much more. So if you’re needing a little motivation during this Pandemic and insight on navigating racism in different industries, this episode of Portraits and Conversation is for you.  

    We did a photoshoot on a beautiful evening in July at Downsview Park. Chanile was down to anything I threw her way including lying in tall prickly grass. We later discovered that red ants live in that grass. She was cool, calm and collected. Me. Not so much! This is no doubt how she is able to accomplish so much. They do say how you do one thing is how you do everything!

    Pierrette Masimango
    September 15, 2020