Hi, I’m Pierrette Masimango

    “To get to know you is to tell your story through my lens.”

    I’m a Toronto-based photographer, content producer, and curious conversationalist. My art is a reflection of my constant curiosity. Through my lens, I seek to unearth and honour the rich histories of former creators, and the cultural influences that shape the dreamers and doers of today. Through this perspective, my work captures and celebrates creatives of diverse heritages. My hope is to inspire a community through conversations about diversity and inclusion within the arts, media and communication spaces. My interests are deeply rooted in continuous learning. This is the constant force that drives my curiosity. With a degree from Concordia in Communications, and a Certificate in Brand Management from the University of Toronto, I work as an Integrated Producer for a Strategic Communications agency. In my free time, I make space for the backbone of this platform – my photography. I formally studied Photography at Ryerson University. With each new subject that I meet, I am consistently refining my craft. My photography has been showcased at events in Toronto and Montreal, and has led to collaborations and workshops with brands like Canon. As a Canadian of Congolese decent growing up in Montreal, my source of inspiration was vast and varied. Yet, despite this, I often found myself contemplating who the black artists were from centuries long ago. I searched for their stories, refusing to believe they didn’t exist. My motivation today rests on the idea that art has not always been inclusive or representative of diverse creators throughout history. My hope is to honour those stories, capture new ones, and hold space for constructive conversation around the topics of diversity and inclusion. These topics are emotional – and that’s okay – my intent is to channel that emotion in a captivating, compelling, and compassionate way. I invite you to join me, and join the conversation. Stay Curious, Pierrette

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